5 Rules for a Healthier Breakfast Sandwich

Along with a really good cup of coffee, breakfast sandwiches are one of the few things that can make even a habitual late sleeper reconsider life as an early bird. As far as a.m. meals go, they’re a classic for a reason.

“Breakfast sandwiches are popular because they are easy to eat on the go and are a filling way to start the day,” says Holly Klamer, RDN, a registered dietitian based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. “They are high in protein, so they keep you feeling full for a long time.”

That protein usually comes from eggs, meat (typically sausage or bacon), and cheese, all sandwiched inside a bagel, English muffin, or another bread choice. Delicious as it may be, the typical breakfast sandwich doesn’t exactly scream health food.

“Breakfast sandwiches are notorious for not being a healthy food,” Klamer says. “They tend to be high in calories and saturated fat and low in fiber.”

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