6 Foods That Zap Energy


It’s common to feel tired and drained when you have hypothyroidism, a condition in which your thyroid gland produces too little thyroid hormone — the hormone that controls the way your body uses energy, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

This energy deficit may spur you to reach for a soft drink, coffee, or high-carb food for a quick boost. But when you have an underactive thyroid, these pick-me-ups like sugar and caffeine can actually make things worse and add to your fatigue, says Renee Cowen, MS, RD, CDE, a dietitian and health educator in Baldwin Park, California.

There’s no evidence that eating a certain way will raise your thyroid levels or cure hypothyroidism. But you may start to feel better if you remove certain foods from your diet, Cowen says.

Here are some common energy-zappers along with healthy alternatives:


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