7 Must-Try Christmas Items at Trader Joe’s


While I love the city I call home, one of its drawbacks is the distinct lack of a Trader Joe’s store. If I want a Trader Joe’s fix, I’ve got to hop in my car and drive — and the closest location to me is 50 miles away. Having this distance might be a blessing in disguise, though. If I had a store closer (despite the deals available at Trader Joe’s), I’d end up with a higher credit card tab.

Right now is a particularly great time to stop into your local store, though, because you can scope out all the Christmas goodies. Here are a few in particular to watch for this month — and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

1. Jingle Jangle

What a silly name for such a delicious product. This mix of various delicious items (including chocolate-covered mini pretzels, chocolate-covered caramel popcorn, and mini peanut butter cups) comes in a 22.7-ounce tin and is perfect for breaking out at your holiday party, giving as a gift, or even just keeping for yourself. And you can pick it up for just $9.99.

2. Taste Test of Caramels

I swear, this list won’t just be candy and candy-like items, but if you’ve never browsed the candy section at a Trader Joe’s, you are absolutely missing out. The Taste of Caramels is a regular holiday offering, and for $6.99, you’re buying a dozen luxe caramels of different (and occasionally exotic) flavors. You can use the tasting map on the package to know what you’re eating, or you can leave it up to fate. Either way, you’re guaranteed a good time — and a sugar rush.

3. Peppermint Flavored Baking Chips

Some people like to spend the holidays baking delicious treats, and I am definitely one of them. Trader Joe’s Peppermint Flavored Baking Chips can help you make even more festive and tasty cookies, brownies, and more. You could even melt them to drizzle over store-bought baked goods — or ice cream. The sky’s the limit with these, and they can be yours for $2.99.

4. Figgy Cheddar

Figs and cheese: Two great tastes that are even better together. Trader Joe’s is always rolling out exciting new cheeses, and this one makes my dairy-loving heart flutter. For $10.99 a pound, you can bring home an authentic English cheddar, made even more special with the addition of marinated figs. Pair with my next pick for the perfect cheese plate.

5. Scalloped Cracker Trio

I take my pantry seriously, and one thing it always must contain is fancy crackers. You never know when the urge to make a charcuterie plate will arise, and I’m not strong enough to resist that urge. Enter Trader Joe’s Scalloped Cracker Trio. I have a box of these in my pantry right now, and I’m irrationally excited to enjoy garlic, rosemary, and chili flavors alongside some summer sausage and fancy cheese. Get these crackers for $3.99.

6. Uncured Bacon Wrapped Porchetta Pork Roast

What’s a holiday without a fancy dinner (or maybe two)? Trader Joe’s Uncured Bacon Porchetta Pork Roast is beautiful to look at, and could make a tasty showpiece for your holiday table. It’s wrapped in bacon, and coated with an herb rub. You roast it at home, and enjoy the accolades of your dinner guests. It’s going for $9.99 per pound.

7. Stepping It Up Spicy Snack Bar Mix

While I have much-anticipated plans with some loved ones before and after Christmas, I will be flying solo for the actual holiday. I have a can of this snack mix in my pantry, specially reserved for Christmas weekend. At $5.99 for 11.5 ounces, this spicy mix contains jalapeño pretzel pieces, spicy cheese corn sticks, spiced chile almonds, and crispy chile lemon corn nuggets. It’s going to be perfect, and I can’t promise not to consume the whole can over the Christmas weekend.

The food is easily one of the best parts of Christmas, and if you’re looking for some unique and delicious items to add to your pantry and refrigerator in advance of the holiday, head over to Trader Joe’s right now. And when you go, I recommend using one of the best credit cards for groceries, because getting cash back for food purchases is always in season.

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