8 Tips for Exercising When You’re Not in the Mood to Work Out


You’re too tired. It’s too cold outside. The gym is so far away. Your couch is calling you. We’ve all likely found excuses for not working out when we’re not in the mood.

“Low motivation to work out — or just not being in the mood — is common and normal,” says Amanda Capritto, an ACE-certified personal trainer and nutrition coach at Trainer Academy, who is based in Miami, Florida. “Even as a fitness industry professional, I am rarely fueled by motivation alone.”

Relying on motivation to fuel any behavior change can indeed be a pitfall, adds Greg Chertok, a certified mental performance consultant in New York City who works with athletes and coaches of all levels on mental toughness training.

High performers don’t wait for motivation to strike. Rather, they identify actions that align with their values and commit to following through by creating routines that encourage them to do so, he says. “We’d all be pretty unimpressive exercisers, romantic partners, or professionals if we only did the right thing when we felt like it,” he says.


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