A Gentle Start to the New Year

No matter how quietly we intend on spending the end-of-year festivities, things seem to pop up, and we are swept into the frenzy that runs into the New Year’s resolution season. We had a few sea anchors slowing the rush, but that didn’t mean that we escaped them all.

However, rather than begin the year with late-night reveling or a cold New Year’s Day swim, I try to welcome it in ways with which my body and mind can cope.

Taking Down the Decorations … Slowly

First, we follow the local tradition of leaving up most of the decorations until January 6. I might begin to thin some of them before that, but most of it stays up until Nollaig na mBan (also known as Women’s Little Christmas, according to Discovering Ireland Vacations).

That being said, it takes us a week or more to get everything up. It needn’t all come down and be put away in one day. That wouldn’t happen for me even if it did need to!

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