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After losing its store to wildfire, Segway Maui will open new location in Kahului : Maui Now


The new Kahului location for Segway Maui, E-Moto USA. PC: Wendy Osher / Maui Now

After overcoming adversity following wildfires that devastated its previous location, Segway Maui is making its return to the island and will be doing it under a new name. The grand opening of its new facility in Kahului will happen on Monday, April 15 at 9:30 a.m. The new store will be located at 310 Alamaha St. in Kahului.

Operating under the new name “E-Moto USA,” Segway Maui will continue to serve the local community with eco-friendly transportation solutions. Tours and rentals will no longer be offered; instead, E-Moto will continue selling electric vehicles, tires, and accessories, including riding gear, and providing service and maintenance.

An authorized distributor and dealership of street legal electric motorcycles in Hawaiʻi, E-Moto USA sells electric bicycles and motorcycles featuring the latest in technology, advanced charging systems, long-range batteries, and professional design.


Several models (Kollter RS1, CS1, ES1-SPro as a street bike, and ES1-XPro as Dual Sport) designed by German engineers represent the newest trend in two-wheeled vehicles worldwide.

In addition, E-Moto USA has signed a cooperation agreement with Yadea Technology, a company that sells more than 6 million electric vehicles in 83 countries annually. Its latest model, DE3, available at Segway Maui, is among the most advanced electric moped, requiring no license, insurance, or gas and has no age limit restriction in Hawaiʻi. E-Moto USA is also an authorized dealer for Kollter, Vertigo, Yadea, Nicot, Bashang and Admit Jet brands.

Since its establishment in 2011, Segway Maui has provided over 10,000 Segway tours to enthusiasts from around the world. Despite the challenges faced after the wildfires last August, the team at Segway Maui remains dedicated to its mission of providing eco-friendly mobility solutions that contribute to a cleaner, greener environment.


“We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new location in Kahului,” said Tom Havranek, CEO of E-Moto USA. “Despite the setbacks we encountered, our commitment to serving the local community and supporting the economy remains stronger than ever. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue providing eco-friendly transportation options while contributing to the well-being of Maui.”

According to E-Moto USA, electric motorbikes offer several benefits over gasoline-powered vehicles, including reduced air and noise pollution, reliance on a cleaner fuel source, and reduced impact on climate change. Operating an electric motorcycle does not release carbon dioxide, which also reduces congestion for the rider.

“We invite the local community to join us in celebrating this exciting milestone,” said Havranek. “Together, we can continue to make a positive difference by choosing eco-friendly transportation options that benefit both our island and future generations.”


For more information about E-Moto USA’s eco-friendly transportation solutions, visit E-Motousa.com.

Source: Maui News

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