All the news from Congress’ Big Tech child safety hearing

Zuckerberg’s experience in Congress shows through in a testy exchange with Ted Cruz.

Zuckerberg sparred with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) over a feature on Instagram that warns users that something they’re looking for contains child sexual abuse material. As The Wall Street Journal reported last year, the feature includes an option for the user to “See results anyway” below a link to resources. Cruz grilled Zuckerberg on why the service would include such an option, which the CEO said is because the warnings can in some cases be wrong.

Zuckerberg’s now-vast experience appearing before angry lawmakers on Capitol Hill was apparent in his responses to Cruz. As the senator continued to hammer him with questions, Zuckerberg at one point asked, “do you want me to answer your questions?” And then said, “can you give me some time to speak then?”

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