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Aloha for Lahaina: PUMA Golf’s limited edition ‘L’ cap to support Maui fire recovery : Maui Now


To help support the recovery efforts in the Maui community, PUMA Golf has teamed up with local Maui artist, Wailani Artates, to design a Limited Edition “L” golf cap inspired by Lahainaluna High School’s “L” on the hill above the school.

The hat features designs inspired by a culturally significant plant for Hawaiian people and the people of Lahaina. Specifically, the design features the ulu or breadfruit, a reminder of a celebratory and ancient epithet for Lahaina, “Ka Malu Ulu o Lele,” translated as “Lele in the shade of the ulu tree.”

The breadfruit tree, celebrated throughout Hawaiʻi, is known for two factors: cooling down the earth by the shade it provides and feeding the community through its fruitful nourishment.


In the depths of the design is a lizard shape silhouette which is described as a Hawaiian shapeshifting lizard goddess known as “Kihawahine,” who lived in the ponds of Mokuʻula, the once chiefly home of Hawaiian royalty in Lahaina.

All proceeds raised from a purchase or donation of the caps goes to help support West Maui. The hat debuts at The Sentry golf tournament today to benefit Lahainaluna and the West Maui community with a direct donation to Maui United Way. The limited edition “L” cap will be worn by professional golfer Rickie Fowler throughout the tournament.

“We are honored to work with Rickie to help raise money for the Lahaina community,” said Grant Knudson, VP Product & Marketing, PUMA Golf. “Rickie has expressed his love for Maui and feels a connection here. We wanted to help support by doing something to contribute positively to people affected by the fires.”


The supply via pumagolf.com was already listed as sold out on Thursday afternoon. The hats are also available at select retail locations. For those interested in donating directly to Maui United Way, visit https://mauiunitedway.org/puma.

*Maui Nowʻs Wendy Osher contributed to this post.

Source: Maui News

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