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Opensignal, a global provider of independent insights and data on mobile network experiences, has released a report analyzing the performance of Saudi Arabia’s mobile networks from July 1 to Sept. 28. This in-depth examination delves into the capabilities of the Kingdom’s primary mobile network operators — stc, Mobily and Zain.

The report paints a nuanced picture of achievements, prominently featuring stc as the undisputed leader in speed across all categories, solidifying its position for the eighth consecutive time. A groundbreaking achievement for stc is its triumph in the 5G Coverage Experience category, underscoring its dedication to providing widespread high-speed connectivity. Meanwhile, Mobily takes centerstage in the realm of video experience, securing accolades for both Video Experience and Live Video Experience. The report meticulously details stc’s expansive 5G coverage and sustained leadership in gaming experiences, and Mobily’s overall availability dominance.

Within this competitive landscape, the report also provides market insights, spotlighting stc’s commanding presence with 10 out of 15 outright wins, Mobily’s increased prominence with three wins, and Zain’s absence from the winner’s circle. Beyond the network performance assessment, the report illuminates crucial developments in Saudi Arabia’s telecom industry, such as the stc Group’s ambitious 5G network expansion and the groundbreaking zero-carbon 5G network by Zain and Red Sea Global in the Red Sea Project.

Speed Leadership

stc maintained its unrivaled speed supremacy, securing the top position across all four speed categories — Download Speed Experience, Upload Speed Experience, 5G Download Speed, and 5G Upload Speed. This marked the eighth consecutive report where stc has dominated these speed categories. Notably, stc also became the inaugural winner of the 5G Coverage Experience award, underscoring its commitment to delivering high-speed connectivity across Saudi Arabia.

Video Excellence

Mobily emerged as the leader in video experience, claiming both the Video Experience award and Live Video Experience award. Mobily, the first Saudi operator to win Opensignal’s Live Video Experience award, boasted a score of 56.5 points on a 100-point scale. Mobily shared the two awards with stc, showcasing its prowess in delivering exceptional video streaming experiences.

Extensive 5G Coverage

stc witnessed substantial improvement in 5G availability, winning the award and securing the first-ever 5G coverage experience award. This signifies that stc’s 5G users spend the most time with an active 5G connection, coupled with the widest geographic coverage of populated areas across various network technologies.

Overall Availability

Mobily users enjoy the best overall availability, with the telecom giant winning the award with a score of 97.8 percent, surpassing stc’s 96.5 percent. Meanwhile, stc claimed the New Coverage Experience award, showcasing its superior geographic coverage of populated areas.

Gaming Leadership

stc retained its leadership in the gaming experience, securing both the Games Experience and 5G Games Experience awards. Although stc maintained its lead, slight declines in scores reflect the competitive landscape in online multiplayer mobile gaming experiences over cellular connections.

Source: Arab News

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