Can Botox Lift Low Mood? Maybe, Research Suggests


I was a latecomer to the Botox party. While many of my friends in their forties and fifties were getting their brows and forehead furrows smoothed, I was too chicken to join them, even as I admired their seemingly well-rested faces.

The source of my reluctance? A woman who lives on my street has such an expressionless face from too much Botox (which uses botulinum toxin, a medication for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes, per StatPearls) that she looks “frozen.” In other words, I doubt she’d be able to move the upper part of her face if she tried. I definitely didn’t want that to happen to me.

But after getting tired of viewing what I called “the trenches in my forehead” on video calls during the pandemic, I decided to take the plunge — er, the injections.

Botox Treatment: How It Went for Me

When I went to see a Maryland-based cosmetic dermatologist recommended by one of my closest friends, I confessed my concerns and told her I really wanted to avoid that frozen look. She was sympathetic and promised to tread lightly.


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