Can Sour Candy Stop a Panic Attack?

There’s no foolproof way to completely prevent panic attacks. But there’s a surprising fix trending on TikTok that might help some people manage their symptoms once a panic attack hits: sour candy.

“Popping a sour Warhead at the first sign of anxiety or panic attack, as a doctor, I can tell you this actually works really well and I’ve shared it with a lot of my patients,” said Jason Singh, MD, a physician in Virginia, in a TikTok post that has 1.4 million views.

It works because the taste of something intensely sour diverts attention away from the panic attack, Dr. Singh says. As the taste buds get engaged by this overpowering flavor, this sensory experience disrupts feelings of anxiety, he explains.

Elsewhere on TikTok, true believers are extolling the virtues of this unorthodox remedy. “When I say I’ve never had something rip me out of the throes of a panic attack faster, I f-ing mean it,” one TikToker says in a post with 3.4 million views.

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