Chrome on iOS and Android will now detect URL typos


Google says the URL typo detector will help people with dyslexia or otherwise are language learners. However, after updating my Chrome app on iOS, it doesn’t seem to be here just yet, as it’s not correcting my mistakes such as or When it does show up, it could help keep people from ending up on dubious websites if they accidentally enter the wrong URL.

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Along with the URL typo helper, Google is also releasing several other accessibility-focused features in Google Maps.

There are other new features coming for other Google products, too. Pixel owners with a Pixel 5 and up can use Magnifier for their camera to help zoom in on anything from street signs or a close-up on threads for sewing. Guided Frame (announced last year), which helps blind or low-vision users take better selfies, is available now on Pixel 8 and 8 Pro and is coming to Pixel 6 and newer phones later this year.

Lastly, Assistant Routines, which are great for setting up cool smart home automations, have updated accessibility functionality, including the ability to pick the size of your shortcut.


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