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DHHL waitlisters to benefit from new down payment assistance program : Maui Now


DHHL Director Kali Watson speaks at SCHHA conference in January 2024.

The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands has partnered with homestead nonprofit, Hawaiian Lending & Investments, to provide direct assistance to beneficiaries looking to construct, or purchase, a home on Hawaiian Home Lands.

DHHL Act 279 Down Payment Assistance Program will match Hawaiian Lending & Investments grants of up to $5,000 that are awarded to eligible DHHL beneficiaries on any of DHHL’s Application Waiting Lists and those holding undivided interest homestead leases.

“Getting our families into homes is at the forefront of our mission,” said Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Director Kali Watson. “Through our collaboration with HLI, we are able to make a direct and immediate difference for our beneficiaries by providing financial support and eliminating obstacles to home ownership.”


DHHL’s memorandum of agreement with Hawaiian Lending & Investments dedicates $250,000 of the department’s general revenues appropriated by Act 279 to fund the program.

“Our HLI team, and our board members from every island region, appreciate the purposes of this MOA,” said Rolina Faagai, HLI executive director. “HLI will facilitate a matching grant from DHHL to waitlist families that receive funding support from any number of agencies that specialize in down payment assistance.”

Founded by the Sovereign Council of Hawaiian Homestead Associations, Hawaiian Lending & Investments will be responsible for determining a beneficiary’s eligibility and administering the match awards. 


“This initial investment is a great start; it won’t resolve 29,000 on the Waitlist, but it supports those DHHL has or will be awarding lots to,” KipuKai Kualiʻi, SCHHA chair said. “As a coalition of Homestead Beneficiary Associations across the state this partnership is exactly the kind of work we want Hawaiian Lending & Investments to be doing with the DHHL.”

Source: Maui News

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