Does Sex Ease Migraine Attacks or Trigger Them?


It’s an age-old excuse: “Not tonight, honey. I have a headache.” But the next time you feel an actual migraine attack coming on, sex might be the best remedy.

Sound too good to be true? Research backs up this assertion: One study found that 60 percent of people who had sex during a migraine attack experienced some improvement in their headache symptoms. Another 33 percent, though, reported worse symptoms when they had sex during a migraine attack.

These differing reactions to sex during a migraine attack show that while sexual activity may be a balm for some, it’s not going to help everyone with migraine. In fact, for some people, sex may even trigger a migraine attack or another form of headache.

Here are some factors you should consider if you’re trying to figure out if sex could be helpful, or might be a contributor, when it comes to your migraine attacks.


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