Everyday Health’s 2023 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Whoop 4.0 Health Tracker

When it comes to fitness trackers, smartwatches tend to get all the glory. Whoop isn’t a smartwatch — there’s no touchscreen display, and you won’t find visual cues or built-in audio. But behind its deceptively basic design, the advanced sensors track heart rate, oxygen, skin temperature, sleep stages, breathing rate, heart rate variability, effort, and recovery.

Performance assessments help users learn about their daily strain and recovery, and use that info to fine-tune their training. Best of all, the battery lasts for five days, and it can be charged wirelessly while it’s still on your wrist. It’s the perfect gift for serious fitness buffs who are ready to take their tracking to the next level.

Price: $239 per year; device included with annual membership

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