Falling Short Deals a Blow to My Self-Confidence


Last week I was having a bit of a tough go of it. A new symptom has been making itself known — rigidity-induced pain — of late, and it’s wearing me out. As it’s not a neuropathic pain, I have been doing what I can (stretching, massage) to try and reduce (if not alleviate) it without medication.

We’re getting there, but the process is long.

A Quick Lie-Down Becomes a 3-Hour Nap

Well, one day, it wasn’t responding to any of my interventions. Lying down and putting my feet up was my self-prescription. As many of you will know, pain can really suck the energy from a person. It caught up with me that afternoon and I woke from an unexpected sleep about three hours later. And I woke in a bit of a daze.

I try to keep my multiple sclerosis (MS)–forced naps to 20 minutes. When I know I need a rest due to fatigue, I often use what I call a “coffee nap” by having a coffee and then lying down for a quick kip. The caffeine kicks in about the time I need to wake so that I don’t slip into REM sleep and muck up my chances at a good night’s rest later.


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