Frog Pose — Can It Really Help With Pain, Digestion, and Better Sex?

The Frog pose is a classic yoga pose you may have heard about on TikTok. Videos have claimed it’s a cure all for everything from pain to digestion to mental health to better sex.

Does the pose actually deliver on any of these benefits? And should you try it?

What Is Frog Pose?

Frog pose is primarily a stretching pose for the hips and inner thighs, says Monisha Bhanote, MD, an integrative medicine physician in private practice in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and a yoga teacher certified by Yoga Medicine. “Frog pose is a yoga pose that targets the hips and inner thighs (adductor muscles).” Mandukasana is the traditional Sanskrit name for the pose.

To get into the Frog pose:

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