Get Rid of Wrinkles With These 6 Botox Alternatives


When it comes to smart skin-care habits, there’s no replacement for a healthy diet and lifestyle. In the fight to keep lines and wrinkles at bay, your daily habits matter. Smoking, inactivity, and a diet high in sugary foods were linked to increased markers of advanced glycation end products (AGEs), per research. Higher levels of AGEs are associated with older age and are a factor in skin aging and collagen breakdown, noted a review of research, so make sure to continue to regularly exercise, eat a balanced diet, and stay away from smoking or quit if you do smoke.

Another study showed that eating fruit, yellow vegetables (these contain powerful antioxidants called carotenoids), and soy, as well as staying away from red meat, led to less wrinkling over time for women. And staying active may help lessen the risk of obesity and diabetes, as well as decrease stress, all factors that can help keep aging AGEs at bay.

Another to-do: Get adequate and high-quality sleep. For adults, that would be seven to nine hours of sleep per night, according to research. In a study of 60 healthy women, those who were characterized as “good sleepers” had less skin aging, and their skin was better able to recover after sun exposure. What’s more, they thought they looked more youthful, too. And who can argue with that?


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