Google brings generative AI to ads


Google is rolling out new generative AI tools for creating ads, from writing the headlines and descriptions that appear along with searches to creating and editing the accompanying images. It’s pitching the tool for use by both advertising agencies as well as businesses without in-house creative staff. Using text prompts, advertisers can iterate on the text and images they generate until they find something they like.

Google also promises that it will never generate two of the same images, which can avoid the awkward possibility that two competing businesses end up with the exact same photo elements.

The step-by-step ad creator is coming to those who use Google’s Performance Max ad campaign product, and it’s capable of generating ads designed for Google spots like search and shopping. An advanced image editing solution similar to the Magic Editor abilities (like sky replacement) available on the new Google Pixel 8 is also coming.

Customers can use the editor to update existing visual ads that can retain a hero asset while making relevant changes. In one Google-provided example, a user reused a model with a skincare product but replaced the background with a Christmas tree so it’s ready for the holidays. Additionally, you can generate ad variations to use in different situations.

Retailers that use Merchant Center Next, a tool that controls how products look throughout Google, will also get the AI-generative tools. According to Google, all AI-generated ad content will be subject to SynthID, a metadata watermark to help detect content that was made with AI.


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