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Gov. Green’s budget proposal focuses on housing, healthcare, education and recovery : Maui Now


Governor Josh Green, M.D. will submit the Supplemental Budget for Fiscal Year 2025 to the Legislature today, prioritizing housing, healthcare, education, and recovery and resilience. 

The Executive Supplemental Budget request adds $326 million in general funds to the operating budget to continue essential operations and support statewide priorities, and $890 million in general obligation bond funds for capital improvement projects statewide. 

The budget includes amounts to cover immediate fire response and recovery needs including disaster case management services for those displaced by the Maui wildfires, fire prevention and suppression measures statewide, emergency equipment, rehabilitation of State highway facilities in Lahaina, and brushfire positions in Hawai‘i’s emergency management agency.  

“In addition to disaster preparation and mitigation, many of the proposed funds will advance key priority initiatives across the state, such as increasing access to quality healthcare, fully resourcing our public education systems, and accelerating the development of affordable housing and essential infrastructure,” said Gov. Green. 


Other highlights include funding for school food and transportation programs, continued support for Hawai‘i Public Housing Authority to develop housing for kūpuna, improvements across HHSC hospitals statewide, and to expand healthcare education and mental health services across the University of Hawai‘i campuses. 

Governor Green repurposed state resources to ensure general funds are available to allow continued support for statewide priorities and respond to the impacts of the Maui wildfires. General funded capital improvement projects are requested to be reauthorized as general obligation bond funds to maintain strong reserves and keep the projects on track.  

“This approach frees up valuable general funds for wildfire recovery costs while supporting the continuation of projects by providing them with a longer implementation period through bond financing,” said Director of Finance Luis P. Salaveria.  


“The full costs of the recovery will unfold over time, and we are financially prepared to address those needs, but we cannot afford to stop our progress on our key priorities. This budget allows us to continue our important initiatives and support the recovery and resiliency of our state,” said Governor Green.

Source: Maui News

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