How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? Expert Recommendations

There’s a lot happening with your scalp and hair. Sweat from heat, exercise, and daily activities, as well as seasonal shifts, can impact your locks’ natural condition. Not to mention, buildup from hair products can gunk up the scalp’s skin over time. Plus, glands near your hair follicles produce oil that slicks your strands.

Undoubtedly, you know you need to wash your hair, but how often should you shampoo to preserve the health of your hair and scalp?

According to the TikTok trend #nopoo, shampoo shouldn’t even be in the equation. #Nopoo has racked up over 288 million views and showcases people eliminating shampoo in lieu of other cleansing methods, like using apple cider vinegar or plain water. That said, there’s little science to bolster the purported benefits of this trend.

So, we asked experts to weigh in on hair cleansing to find out how often you should shampoo for your hair type, scalp health, lifestyle, and more.

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