How Soon Can You Exercise Again After a Bout of COVID-19?

Exercise when you have any kind of injury or illness demands restraint. Jumping back into your usual workout without giving your body time to heal can be counterproductive or, worse, lead to reinjury or relapse.

This is definitely the case with COVID-19.

“The ‘push and crash’ cycle is real: We see that as a pattern in people with COVID,” says Anita Chopra, MD, a primary care doctor who specializes in post-COVID rehabilitation at UW Medicine in Seattle. “If you put too much strain on your body too quickly by doing an extra hard workout or run, you may not end up doing anything for the next few days after that.”

The best approach to exercise during or after a bout of COVID-19 depends on many factors, including your overall fitness level, age, and the severity of your illness.

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