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J. Walter Cameron Center’s Laptop Relief Program makes strides in supporting wildfire victims : Maui Now

The J. Walter Cameron Center’s Laptop Relief Program is aiding those affected by the recent wildfires. “The devastating impact of the fires has left numerous families without essential items, with a pressing need for laptops to restore a semblance of normalcy,” organization leaders said.

Recognizing this critical gap, the Center launched the Laptop Relief Program on Sept. 9, 2023. In a collaborative effort with strategic partners, the program aims to procure and distribute laptops to individuals and families impacted by the wildfires.

“These devices play a crucial role in facilitating the processing of FEMA paperwork, unemployment claims, insurance matters, as well as aiding in education, housing, and employment searches, accessing support services, and maintaining connections with family and friends,” according to organization leaders.


Since its inception, the Laptop Relief Program has garnered support from various organizations. To launch the program, Hawaiian Airlines, AARP, Hawaiian Hope, and AT&T together provided over 250 devices.

Notable contributors include the Rotary Club ($50,000), Hawaiʻi Community Foundation ($50,000), Credit Unions Maui Wildfire Relief Fund ($50,000), Maui United Way ($10,000), Island Liaison in Phoenix AZ ($5,000), PC Gamers, HawaiianTel, Trading Card Resources, E-Opala (120 refurbished donated devices) and several private donors.

More than 1,000 applications have been received to date.


To ensure a thorough and careful distribution process, each applicant is meticulously vetted and verified through multiple sources. The Cameron Center has successfully conducted five distribution events, distributing more than 640 devices to displaced families from the wildfires.

Another distribution event is scheduled for January to fulfill requests from the initial response in September.

“The Laptop Relief Program is poised to make an impact on the lives of those affected by the wildfires. By providing laptops, the program not only empowers individuals to stay connected with loved ones and access essential services but also enables them to pursue educational and professional opportunities despite the challenges they are facing,” according to organization leaders.

Source: Maui News

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