Ketchup Packets as Running Fuel: What the Experts Say


You may think of ketchup as a humble-but-tasty topping on french fries, burgers, or hot dogs.

But ketchup marketers are proposing a new use for the condiment: running fuel. A recent ad on YouTube from Heinz, claims individual packets of the tomato spread could be an easy, inexpensive mid-run snack.

The online chatter about ketchup as running fuel has been around for awhile. Reddit threads (from 2021) have previously posed the question of ketchup packets as substitutes for pricey running gels.

Heinz’s recent commercial claims: “Runners everywhere are using Heinz ketchup on their runs.” The brand has even created pre-set routes on which runners can stop in at restaurants that carry Heinz ketchup packets to refuel.


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