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Maui-based nonprofit provides financial assistance to wildfire survivors living with cancer : Maui Now

Maui-based nonprofit organization, UVSC (Us Versus Cancer), offers hope for individuals and families fighting cancer throughout Hawaiʻi by providing financial assistance for those struggling with their cancer-related expenses.

In response to the August fires on Maui, UVSC announced additional efforts to help cancer patients that are dealing with trauma and loss caused by the devastation of the fires and financial challenges from their cancer diagnosis.

This program is made possible in part with funding awarded from the Maui Strong Fund of the Hawai`i Community Foundation.

Launched in 2016, UVSC was created with a vision of bringing communities together to care for and support each other in times of greatest need.


“Families who have been impacted by the fires are already experiencing unfathomable trauma, grief and loss… the additional stress of coping with a cancer diagnosis or treatment for yourself or a family member, while also being displaced and lacking financial stability is truly overwhelming. UVSC is here to provide hope and some bit of relief to this long list of issues, so cancer patients can maintain their treatment and focus on healing,” said Kandice Johns, UVSC’s Executive Director.

UVSC’s Financial Assistance Program helps cancer patients with limited incomes and demonstrated financial need to cover their cancer-related expenses so they can more comprehensively manage their health in both the short and long-term.

By helping families to reduce financial toxicity and stress related to their cancer expenses, UVSC promotes better treatment outcomes and improved quality for life for cancer survivors and their families during treatment and recovery.


UVSC Founder and brain cancer survivor, Jamil Newirth, shared how his own experience shaped UVSC’s approach to paying it forward saying, “Cancer does not discriminate and at times it feels hopeless and lonely. Community and financial support are equally as critical to help you beat the odds when they feel like they are stacked against you – and UVSC is here so no one has fight alone.” 

To learn more, apply for the UVSC Financial Assistance Program, or donate to support wildfire survivors living with cancer, visit uvsc.org. UVSC is presently accepting applications from cancer patients that are not wildfire survivors, as well.

Source: Maui News

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