More Women May Be Using Cannabis for Menopause Symptoms


If you’re a woman managing menopause symptoms, you may be no stranger to experimenting with purported remedies and complementary treatments. Research cites survey results that note about half of women turn to supplements and yoga during this transition.

Now a study presented this week at the 2023 annual meeting of the Menopause Society suggests another approach — cannabis, or marijuana — may be increasingly popular for mitigating symptoms such as sleep difficulties and mood issues, despite a lack of research on the efficacy of marijuana for these purposes.

The current study has not been published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

“We know that cannabis use is becoming more common with normalization and with legalization in adults over the age of 50, and women are the fastest-growing populations for those who use cannabis,” says the lead author, Carolyn Gibson, PhD, an assistant professor of psychiatry and a health services researcher at the University of California in San Francisco.


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