My New Book Has Been Published

This March marks the 18th anniversary of the beginning of my writing the column “Life With Multiple Sclerosis.” I began writing after a difficult first few years of living with my multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis. Much has changed over that period — including how I write, what I write about, and how those writings are delivered to you, my readers.

I’m happy to say that my newest book has now been published by Coffeetown Press and will be available to international readers through Ingram.

It’s called Living Well With Multiple Sclerosis, and I’d be remiss were I not to call out the significant efforts of a woman I call my “MS sister,” Emma Rogan, with whom I worked for nearly two years to get the writing into its current format.

While not written in a linear manner, we have arranged it so. It’s been called “one part primer, one part handbook, one part pocket translator, and 100 percent an essential field guide for navigating the challenges of living with chronic illness.” Humbling, indeed.

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