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Navy takes action to resolve drinking water complaints at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam : Maui Now

The Department of Navy provided a response to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s investigation report into drinking water complaints.

Continued monitoring and sampling of the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam water system on Oʻahu, done in coordination with regulators, shows the water meets safe drinking water standards, according to the Navy.  Results are posted online at: www.jbphh-safewaters.org. 

“My team has worked with the EPA and numerous stakeholders to sample and test these homes so all our residents can be assured their water remains safe and clean,” said Rear Adm. Stephen Barnett, Commander, Navy Closure Task Force – Red Hill. “We remain committed to constant communication with EPA and DOH, our residents, and the broader community as we continue to ensure this water remains safe.”  

The EPA investigation focused on complaints in October initiated by six residents on the Navy water system on Oʻahu and subsequent actions taken by the Navy.  


Of the six complainants, four responded to the Navy’s offer to examine the issue further. The Navy inspected the four residents’ water fixtures for biological growth, collected additional water samples within and nearby the premise, and sampled water heaters.

While all results indicated samples met safe drinking water standards, the Navy is continuing to work to identify the root cause of trace amounts of petroleum hydrocarbons detected in three of four water samples.

The EPA’s report included recommendations that the Navy supports as part of its continuing effort to improve its processes to ensure residents maintain access to water that meets safe drinking water standards.


Recommendations include: extra training for personnel responding to residents’ questions and concerns; development of pamphlets outlining sampling and testing processes and use of the JBPHH Safe Waters website; and a plan to extend the LTM program beyond its originally planned end date of March 2024. 

The Navy will continue to coordinate with the regulators through to completion of its premise plumbing assessment and implementation of the EPA recommendations. 

In an effort to engage and inform the public and residents about the JBPHH drinking water, the Navy hosts information booths every month at various locations including the Pearl Harbor Navy Exchange Mall, NEX minimarts at Halsey Terrace, Ford Island and Pearl City Peninsula, Hickam Army & Air Force Exchange Service, and the Kapilina Night Market. More information about these events is posted on the JBPHH Safe Waters website www.jbphh-safewaters.org.   


To find more information and download the full Red Hill Tank Closure Plan, supplements, and schedule, visit https://cnrh.cnic.navy.mil/Operations-and-Management/Red-Hill/.  

Source: Maui News

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