Overwatch 2 unlocks all of its heroes


New players to the game will still need to complete the first-time user experience. Only when novice players have unlocked the heroes from the first Overwatch roster will all Overwatch 2 heroes then be at their disposal, , as game director Aaron Keller explains in the latest Developer’s Update video.

Free heroes are a return to form for the game, as that heroes were automatically granted in Overwatch 1. But Blizzard opted to paywall the heroes prior to its 2022 launch as a way to monetize things while going free-to-play.

For players who don’t buy the battle pass in season 10, Blizzard is also increasing the number of coins players can earn in the free track from 540 to 600 coins.

The next update also includes a new Mythic Shop, which will be a central destination for players to earn, upgrade, and unlock some of the most expensive skins for their heroes that also include customizations. Now, players will be able to get the Mythic skins, without fully unlocking all of the possible color or model variations. The shop will also include all the older Mythic Skins dating back to Season 7.

Finally, Blizzard also plans to release two new maps when Overwatch 2’s Clash mode debuts later this year. Season 11 will bring a new Push map set in Peru, in the world of Illari and the Inti Warriors as well as a reworked Colosseo push map.


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