Part of the Crowd, but Apart From the Crowd


I had an experience on a recent winter’s weekend evening that brought my latest multiple sclerosis (MS)–related slips into stark relief.

We were at a neighbors’ house for an impromptu simple dinner party of pizza, salad, and wine. It was a relatively recent group of friends, as we all met soon before the COVID-19 pandemic, and we all know how friendships didn’t have much growing time during that mess.

Anyway, we’ve all grown in our individual and group friendships in the past couple of years, post-lockdown. This was to be an easy get-together before the madness of the holidays, which we all know is coming.

Between fatigue and some recent issues with pain, I was very happy to bring a few bits to the party, and then just sit and enjoy everyone’s company, rather than any one of us fussing too much.


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