Pixel 6 owners who use multiple profiles run into problems with Android 14


Some Pixel 6 users are reporting strange issues after updating their devices to the new Android 14 OS, which launched on October 4th for Pixel devices. One critical-sounding bug that seems to have spread to multiple users is losing access to internal storage, which ends up in a complete loss of data. Others seem to have other odd issues, like repeat UI launcher crashes. A Verge tipster pointed out the reports, which show a pattern of striking users with multiple user accounts set up on their devices.

The original poster reports “storage is full” errors once they rebooted following an overnight update to Android 14, while another commenter said they lost access to internal storage entirely. The Android 14 update launched officially last week alongside Google’s new Pixel 8 devices with updates to the UI, additional customization options, and more.

I have personally tried to reproduce the issue on my Pixel 6A by setting up a new account and attempting to run software updates. While I did not get storage issues, my 6A did crash multiple times. I also got a “System UI isn’t responding” error. But if I switch back to the other account, the issues are no longer present. I should mention that I am on the Android 14 beta, and I have not run into any other issues since attempting this.

We reached out to Google for comment on the issues presented by the users, but we didn’t hear back by the time of publication.


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