Rooster Teeth has moved Red vs. Blue and other shows off of YouTube

Rooster Teeth has moved some of its popular content, including most Red vs. Blue seasons, off the YouTube platform entirely and onto its own website. Rooster Teeth senior writer and showrunner for RWBY Kerry Shawcross posted a video on Thursday announcing the change, explaining that “YouTube revenue is just not cutting it for us right now.”

Shawcross said Rooster Teeth also moved Camp Camp to the site, where episodes will continue to be ad-supported and free to watch. He added Rooster Teeth gets “approximately 5 – 10 times more value” from ads it runs on its own website, adding that “animation’s hard and it’s expensive.”

He didn’t say specifically what was moved or when, but multiple threads on Reddit from the second half of September say that most of the Red vs. Blue series appeared to have disappeared from YouTube.

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