Spotlight On: Black Heart Association


In 2014, at the age of 40, Tara Robinson survived three heart attacks in one week. Five years later, her brother-in-law Stephen Jordan died of a hypertensive heart attack at 38 years old.

“He woke up that morning and then died in front of his two teenage children,” Robinson says. “They saw him gasping for air. They saw him struggling to breathe. And now they’re dealing with the trauma and PTSD from those awful moments.”

Robinson had already been doing work in her community in Dallas–Fort Worth to spread awareness about the dangers of heart disease following her own heart attacks, but Jordan’s death and her family’s grief made her want to do more.

“I was the person assigned to take his black suit to the funeral home,” she recalls. “I remember so clearly looking at that black suit and thinking, this is the final dress rehearsal, and it’s all because of heart disease. Whether you’re Black, white, blue, green, or whatever, heart disease impacts us all. And I don’t want anybody to wear that black suit because of heart disease.”


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