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Stand Up Maui produces a Scorecard for proposed affordable housing units : Maui Now

Mandy Trella, SUM President. PC: Stand Up Maui

After several months of research on Maui housing projects, Stand Up Maui has developed a list of present and proposed affordable housing projects called the Scorecard, set for public release this month.

Funded by a $20,000 Cooke Foundation grant, the Scorecard is a comprehensive list of affordable housing projects in Maui County: those completed, in construction, under government review and permitting, and in early planning stages.

Once launched, Mandy Trella, SUM President, says that “prospective homeowners and renters will be able to see what’s available and what is planned for development so they can pursue an affordable housing unit in the area where they want to live. The Scorecard includes the project name, location, available dates and contact information to apply.”


SUM’s mission is to ensure that every resident of Maui County has access to safe, secure, decent and affordable homes. SUM is guided by the definition of “affordable housing” by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development which states that a household should not pay more than 30% of the household’s gross annual income for all housing costs including mortgage, interest, property taxes and insurance.

“We have worked diligently to collect all available affordable housing data in Maui County. Unfortunately, we are finding that many proposed projects are being scaled back because of a lack of funding, high mortgage interest rates, and as a result of the devastating wildfires,” Trella said. “Although there are challenges, we remain dedicated to developing a reliable database to enable Maui County residents to secure their home.”

Details on the Scorecard and information on affordable housing are available online at standupmaui.org.

Source: Maui News

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