Steam is going to let you hide the games you don’t want your friends to see

Valve announced a new privacy feature for the Steam client today that lets players choose whether certain games they buy and own are visible to others on the platform. According to the update announcement, starting today, Steam beta testers will be able to mark games as private to keep them, well, private.

You can mark a game private from three places: your shopping cart; your game list in a web browser; or from the Steam client itself. The new privacy filter is great if you’ve been holding off on buying OnlyCans: Thirst Date for the last two years or so or you really don’t want your friends to know that you’re deeply into oddly specific simulator games.

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Apart from being able to mark a purchase private at checkout, the new beta also comes with two other shopping cart updates: a way to add gift games for multiple friends to your cart at once and a single shopping cart for every device (though this unified cart is only available in the beta Steam client for now).

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