Still Searching for the Sweet Spot of MS


Baseball players know of the sweet spot on a bat. I’m told that most sporting implements — rackets, clubs, hurleys, hockey sticks — have a point which makes the most effective contact with the ball (or sliotar, or puck), so it’s not just baseball players who know of this elusive best.

The term also refers to optimal points in time, combinations of factors, or the general way of handling a situation. I’m told by bankers that the housing market has a sweet spot — though I’m told by friends looking to buy or sell that it’s always a moving target.

I’ve been searching for the sweet spot of living well with multiple sclerosis (MS) for a long time now, and it sometimes feels like I’ll never find it.

Too Much of This, Too Little of That

I’m tired but can’t sleep the night. I know some meds help some symptoms, but don’t want to take a fistful of tablets every time something niggles at me. I know exercise is good for my overall health (as well as my MS), but fatigue and heat sensitivity make that difficult sometimes.


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