Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for the Person on Your List With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

If someone on your holiday gift list has inflammatory bowel disease, have you ever thought of getting them a gift specific to their condition?

As an IBD patient I have always appreciated when someone goes out of their way to find a special gift for me that addresses a symptom or a need that is IBD related. It is a way for people to show their support and acknowledge what I have been going through with my disease.

Items that can make tasks like taking medicine, getting an infusion, or dealing with symptoms feel a little less mundane can really make a difference in an IBD sufferer’s mood. In addition, it is even more impactful if you can purchase a gift from a company that is owned or created by an IBD or chronic illness patient. This shows you support the community as a whole and can help raise awareness of chronic conditions.

Don’t know where to start? I’ve pulled together a list of items that will show your loved one that you went the extra mile in thinking of them this holiday season.

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