Tips for Navigating the Healthcare System and Getting the Best Care


It’s never easy to be a patient, whether you’re trying to get to the root of mysterious symptoms, figure out how to live with a chronic condition, or sort out why the treatment recommended by your doctor isn’t working the way you expected it to.

The right plan of attack can go a long way toward a better medical experience and better results, according to several healthcare providers included on the list of Castle Connolly 2024 Top Doctors. A good strategy starts with doing your homework and asking lots of questions, these physicians say.

“For patients who are navigating the complex healthcare system and their healthcare plan, their research matters,” says Jamal Ross, MD, an internal medicine specialist at Oak St. Health in Chicago. “Every question is important and matters. It matters to you. It matters to your doctor.”

In interviews conducted by Castle Connolly, Dr. Ross and other leading physicians offer advice on how to gather the information that you as a patient need in order to ask good questions, get clear answers, and leave appointments feeling confident about your care plan. Here are four of their best tips.


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