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Geographic atrophy (GA) is a chronic, progressive degeneration of the macula that can occur in some people with dry macular degeneration. GA is a late, or advanced, stage of the disease.

The people who develop geographic atrophy have areas in the retina where there’s a loss of photoreceptors and their support cells, says Margaret Greven, MD, an ophthalmologist with Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

“Those are the cells that are responsible for taking the picture so that you can have a visual image. When you lose areas of the photoreceptors and support cells, then you basically develop a blind spot in the area where geographic atrophy is,” she explains.

Some people with geographic atrophy may not have any symptoms or may not notice the blind spot if it’s a small area far away from the center part of the vision, says Dr. Greven.


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