You Might Not Guess Where You Can Save 50% or More on Christmas Cards


Now, I’m pretty financially savvy; I know stuff. But even I am occasionally shocked by how expensive some things have gotten.

For instance, have you shopped for a greeting card lately? If you’ve already been out looking for this year’s Christmas cards, you’ve probably seen the same thing I have: Those things have gotten expensive!

I kid you not, I saw a card that cost nearly $20! Granted, it was fancy. The card had a lot of cut-outs and I think it lit up. But even the regular, non-luminescent cards were $3 to $5.

Well, as I started with: I know things. And I know that I don’t have to pay anywhere near that price for holiday cards.

Dollar store cards offer the same sentiment at half the price

For many years, I have gotten nearly every greeting, thank you, and holiday card from my local dollar store. That’s because I can get them for less than half the price of those expensive grocery store cards.

Your dollar store may offer a few different card options, ranging from individual cards (meaning you can pick each card) to boxes of cards (typically multiple cards of the same or similar simple design, such as a box of Christmas cards). Here’s how I break them down:

  • Fancy cards ($1.25 each): There is a good chance the card will have glitter, ribbon, or some other kind of add-on.
  • Simple cards (two for $1.25): The cardstock is a little thinner, and there won’t be extras like glitter, but the sentiments are nice, and some of the “funny” cards are actually funny.
  • Boxed cards (10-12 for $1.25): These are very basic Christmas cards that come in sets of 10 or 12, depending on the store. Nothing fancy, probably blank or very simple message inside. Definitely needs a little zhuzhing — or at least some sentiment — to make them pop, but cute enough I certainly wouldn’t thumb my nose at one.
  • Specialty cards (up to $1.25 each): If you’re giving a monetary gift, you can find special greeting cards with slots to hold cash or a gift card. Prices vary based on the specific style; I saw simple cards that were priced at eight for $1.25, and fancier ones that cost $1.25 each.

Can’t find a card at the dollar store that truly expresses your deepest holiday feelings? You can always fall back on the money-savers favorite: DIY.

Don’t underestimate DIY appeal

Alright, so this may sound cheesy, but I would 100% prefer a homemade card from my partner to anything they might buy from the Hallmark store. And I’m certain I’m not the only person who feels that way.

Making your own holiday cards can range in cost, but it could possibly be completely free if you (like me) already have tons of crafting and art supplies ready to avalanche out of the closet. Heck, this is a great way to use up extra bits of ribbon or cardstock from the offcuts bin.

Even if you need to buy some supplies, you can make a ton of carefully crafted custom Christmas cards with that same $5 or $10 you’d spend on a fancier card from the grocery store.

If the very idea of creating a card from scratch makes you nervous, don’t worry! For one thing, it’s way more about the sentiment than the looks. As long as you write something heartfelt inside, the recipient won’t mind wavy edges or slanted script.

And if you need some ideas, a simple internet search for “easy DIY Christmas cards” (or similar) will probably give you oodles of inspiration.

Saving hundreds on everything holiday

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