Is It Normal to Feel Defeated After an MS ‘Bad Day’?


The main reason I feel defeated is because of what happened almost a week ago. Sitting in my shower, using my right hand — the only partially coordinated part of my body, which I use for every movement — to hold onto the grab bar, and with soap in my hand, I fell face-first out of the shower. There was a high-impact injury to my right palm as it hit the ground, and I also hit my neck, which ended up as a whiplash scenario. The rest of me was relatively unscathed. Since my left leg doesn’t have any volitional movement, it just hit the ground with a resounding thud!

I was in shock for what seemed like days. I am just now feeling less afraid. It took almost a whole week to return to feeling like myself. Today I feel like it’s the best day I’ve had in a while.

Having MS Doesn’t Prevent Non-MS Health Concerns

Even as that fall set me back a whole week, I came to find out there was more on my plate.

I was just informed that I have a fibroid the size of my uterus. Having fibroids is part of being a woman, I suppose. My doctor and I have decided collaboratively to leave this situation alone. Instigating surgery comes with its own perils. Given my situation, something small could be serious. Let’s hope that menopause will help to shrink the fibroid so I don’t have to use other means. Of course, I will check on the status of the fibroid again in the spring, but for now, it’s not bothering me.


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